Intelligence Briefing: Israel and Palestinian Territories


On October 7, 2023, Hamas militants launched a large-scale rocket attack against Israel, resulting in significant casualties and hostage situations. Israel responded with Operation “Swords of Iron.” International leaders expressed their stances on the conflict. The situation poses risks of regional escalation, particularly with Hezbollah and other factions.


  • Rocket Attacks: Hamas initiated a series of rocket attacks on Israel, with thousands of rockets fired, leading to civilian casualties.
  • Infiltration: Hamas militants, aided by innovative tactics, infiltrated southern Israel through multiple entry points.
  • Hostages: Hamas took Israeli soldiers, civilians, and foreign workers hostage, leading to international concern.
  • Israeli Response: Israel declared a state of war and launched Operation “Swords of Iron” with airstrikes on Hamas targets.

Political Statements:

  • Hezbollah: Expressed support for Palestinian factions.
  • Saudi Arabia: Called for a halt to hostilities.
  • International Leaders: Leaders from the US, UK, France, India, the EU, and others condemned Hamas’ attacks and expressed solidarity with Israel.
  • NATO: Reiterated support for Israel’s right to self-defense.


  • Planning and Motivation: The operation showed planning and might be linked to the Israel-Saudi Arabia normalisation process.
  • Hamas Capabilities: Hamas displayed new offensive capabilities, possibly with Iranian assistance.
  • IDF Mobilization: A ground offensive to rescue hostages and eliminate Hamas infrastructure is expected.
  • Israeli Response: Israel has broad international and domestic support for a strong response.
  • Regional Risks: Focus on the south of Israel increases the risk of attacks by factions like Hezbollah.
  • West Bank Escalation: Escalating violence in the West Bank adds to concerns of further attacks.

This situation remains dynamic, requiring ongoing monitoring to understand evolving dynamics and potential regional consequences.

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