Our Services

Global Intelligence Advisory

When faced with the decision to either implement a regular travel itinerary to said country, or establish an entirely new satellite office, GIG can help you make sense of all the variables. The GIG Global Intelligence Advisory program provides our clientele with the most comprehensive global intelligence and executive support services.

Geopolitical Intelligence Group provides global intelligence analysis and expertise for Government and Non-Governmental Organisations, Consultancies, and Multinational Organisations worldwide.

Conducting new business overseas is challenging for many organisations especially when you are unfamiliar with local protocols and legislation. Our advisory services can assist in you in these situations.

Geopolitical Intelligence

GIG’s GEOPOLITICAL INTELLIGENCE® gives you a range of briefings and analysis, from incidents to assessments of cultural and political trends to strategic summaries for an entire region. With GIG, you will know how anything from an election to a protest can impact you and your business.

GIG Threat Intelligence®

GIG’s THREAT INTELLIGENCE® service provides our clientele with up to the minute near real-time intelligence on Cyber, Terror, Organised and Transnational Crime that’s so accurate even journalists and news organisations rely on them.

GIG Strategic Global Intelligence®

GIG Strategic Global Intelligence® provides near real-time strategic and tactical intelligence reports as incidents occur for your chosen region. Subscribers benefit from these reports allowing them to remain cognisant of major game-changers which could impact long term decision making. Intelligence is provided by in-field agents, and through Open Source Intelligence gathering.

GIG Global Insight®

Anticipating potential risks and monitoring emerging changes in the global security landscape is what GIG’s team of intelligence analysts do best. GIG’s GLOBAL INSIGHT® service provides our clientele with forecasts on topics such as global security and stability, cyber security, terrorism, political risks, and business risk.

GIG Reports include:

  • Country Risk Assessments
  • Geopolitical Threats
  • Global Risk Predictions
  • Cyber Security Forecasts
  • Terrorism or Political Trends
  • Business Risk Predictions
  • Stability Forecasts – Country, Regional, Global


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