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Navigating Political Instability

As a traveller, understanding the implications of political instability on your travel plans is crucial. This is where the Geopolitical Intelligence Group (GIG) comes in, providing you with the necessary insights and support. GIG’s services are designed to help travellers navigate the complexities of global travel, ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey. Political instability can range […]

Iran-Backed Houthis Defy New US-Led Alliance

In 2024’s ever-changing global landscape, businesses face unprecedented challenges due to geopolitical uncertainties. The recent emergence of the Iran-backed Houthi rebels as a resilient force despite the formation of a new US-led alliance has sent shockwaves across industries. To thrive in such hazardous geopolitical environments, businesses need strategic intelligence, risk advisory, and a partner who […]

Intelligence Briefing: Israel and Palestinian Territories

On October 7, 2023, Hamas militants launched a large-scale rocket attack against Israel, resulting in significant casualties and hostage situations. Israel responded with Operation “Swords of Iron.” International leaders expressed their stances on the conflict. The situation poses risks of regional escalation, particularly with Hezbollah and other factions. Overview: Rocket Attacks: Hamas initiated a series […]

Staying Ahead with Intelligence Services

Geopolitical Intelligence Group (GIG) is a leading provider of intelligence services, offering strategic and operational insights into the complex geopolitical environment that affects businesses. The benefits of using geopolitical intelligence services are numerous, but the most significant include staying ahead of the pack, improving business operations, ensuring business continuity, and protecting staff while abroad. Staying […]

Israeli Forces Raid Al-Aqsa Mosque

​Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli police clashed at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque compound Friday morning, medics and witnesses said. “Seven injured people were taken to hospital to be treated for upper body injuries,” a member of the Palestinian Red Crescent told AFP. Witnesses said that Palestinian protestors threw stones at Israeli security forces, who fired rubber bullets […]

Organized Crime Security Threat in Sweden

SWEDEN: Organized crime security threat in Sweden Gang violence in Sweden continues to increase, acting as the main security threat in the country. There are around 40 family-based criminal groups operating in Sweden. The families were making their way into business and politics in order to wield more influence, primarily in vulnerable suburbs with residents […]

The US Backs Out Of Iran Deal

The President of the United States, Donald Trump has withdrawn from the Iran nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Trump stated he will be imposing high levels of economic sanctions on Iran.