GIG Geopolitical Intelligence®

GIG’s GEOPOLITICAL INTELLIGENCE® gives you a range of briefings and analysis, from incidents to assessments of cultural and political trends to strategic summaries for an entire region. With GIG, you will know how anything from an election to a protest can impact you and your business.

GIG analysts identify key political drivers, analyse global trends and risks that affect privacy, security, and business continuity for our clientele.

Working in high-risk regions requires you to understand a lot about the threat landscape.

GIG utilities seasoned in-field operatives who provide our clientele with timely, relevant and customized intelligence briefings. Our Geopolitical Intelligence analysts also assess media and intelligence sources ranging from traditional to social media, and local, on-ground contacts.

Each Analysis includes the latest updates on a given trend, followed by actionable, bottom line assessments and practical recommendations for the best course of action. Our Geopolitical Intelligence subscription service includes:

  • Custom Regional and country specific intelligence briefs
  • Custom Country risk assessments
  • Custom Geopolitical risk assessments
  • Custom Financial and business risk assessments
  • Bespoke intelligence briefs

Our GIG Geopolitical Intelligence® Packages

Country Risk Assessment

Custom Country Specific Report


Country Risk Assessment Includes

  • Customised to your requirements.
  • In-depth stability assessment, trend analysis, hotel and travel security brief.
  • Overview of physical threats, security surveys for client sites and more.
  • 1 FreeGIG SUBSCRIBE INTELLIGENCE Report (Simmering Sino-US Relations & the Geopolitical Implications) * up to $4,000 value

Geopolitical Risk Assessment

Custom Report


Geopolitical Risk Assessment Includes

  • Assessments on what to expect next in major hotspots globally.
  • Tactical forcast on global geopolitical trends.
  • Forecasts on developments worldwide to assist with business continuity.
  • 1 FreeGIG SUBSCRIBE INTELLIGENCE Report (Simmering Sino-US Relations & the Geopolitical Implications) * up to $4,000 value


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