About Us

Geopolitical Intelligence Group has cultivated a network of in-field operatives and strategic partners throughout the world since 2004, ranging from subject matter experts to ex-national security experienced agents. Our objective is to provide our clients with strategic intelligence so they may make informed decisions. Our intelligence reports help to safeguard people, businesses and their reputations.

Board level decision makers require timely and actionable intelligence that can be relied upon. Our team understands this and recognise that a game-changing event can happen at any time. anywhere. GIG is fully abreast of the multitude of concerns affecting the geopolitical landscape that influence this region.


Operating from our international headquarters in Sydney Australia, GIG has grown into the most trusted and respected geopolitical risk advisory firm in the South East Asian region. We have dealt with corporate executives, security departments and managers. We have support offices in Canberra, Melbourne, Singapore, Dubai, and London, that allow us to support our clientele at all times of the day. GIG has continued to expand its reach and client portfolio to include Government departments, multinational corporations, financial institutions, major airlines, mining and high-net worth individuals.

We have support offices in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Singapore, Dubai, and London providing ease of access to our global clientele.


Please feel free contact with us if you have any further questions or concerns