GIG Strategic Global Intelligence®

If you are operating from a volatile region, you have to be on alert and remain vigilant.

This service provides near real-time strategic and tactical intelligence reports as incidents occur for your chosen region. Subscribers benefit from these reports allowing them to remain cognisant of major game-changers which could impact long term decision making. Intelligence is provided by in-field agents, and through Open Source Intelligence gathering.

We provide our clientele with near real-time alerts as they occur, daily summaries of events in a particular region, weekly regional intelligence summaries, and also an itinerary based monitoring service whereby our analysts keep a close eye on areas you are visiting in your travels and provide you with information ranging from traffic incidents, to civil unrest, to major attacks.

Our strategic global intelligence package includes:



Our Strategic Intelligence Alerts provide prompt and brief updates on unfolding events, such as a build up of hostilities, and their effect on business continuity. This unique service provides real-time reporting and ongoing updates on localised hindrances to security and business continuity. Clients can modify their subscriptions according to their specific countries of interest – receiving brief reports which allow for easy decision making for day-today business operations. These alerts cover both classic security-related events such as civil unrest and militancy, in addition to other hindrances to business continuity such as localized labor strikes, major traffic jams, weather, bureaucratic hindrances, and infrastructure failures.


Our Tactical Intelligence Alerts provide intelligence of upcoming, major events, such as an international conference or sporting event, which may impact security, stability and business continuity. Our strategic global intelligence package subscribers receive alerrs for every country, remaining aware of major game-changers which could impact long term decision making for your business operations, security of staff and the security of your family. The Tactical Alerts cover major militant attacks, outbreaks of armed conflict, destabilising political developments, natural distasters, kidnappings, attacks and hindrances on or to foreign interests, mass portests, social unrest, and other events which could impact the relative stability of each country.




GIG analysts investigate security and stability-related incidents and trends occurring in specific countries or throughout a given region. Each analysis includes the latest updates on a given trend, followed by actionable, bottom line assessments and practical recommendations for the best course of action. GIG’s Strategic Global Intelligence® Division also regularly provides more in-depth Special Reports on regional political, religious, and militant trends. Special Reports include historical background, detailed assessments, in addition to dossiers and profiles of involved parties.


GIG analysts provide intelligence direct from the source. This is useful for decision makers in government, corporate executives, diplomats, and journalists. Drawing from our specialists’ experience in business, government, intelligence, special forces, and the military, we are able to provide near real-time intelligence, assessing risks from the perspective of multiple fields. Our in-house intelligence analysts and on-ground, human source intelligence agents along with open source intelligence gathering techniques, can provide you with concise, strategic and tactical advice to help you make an informed decision.


Daily Briefs & Weekly Reports

Our Daily Briefs are issued every morning (Eastern Standard Time). Daily Briefs provide a summary of the strategic and tactical alerts sent throughout the day to give. This gives you a brief rundown of security and stability-related events occurring in each country throughout a given region. Daily Summaries conveniently separate actionable incidents which may require immediate attention, and notable events which may indirectly impact business.


The Weekly Reports are issued every Sunday (Eastern Standard Time) and provide a summary of the Daily Briefings and the alert’s impact on future stability in a particular country, region or globally. The report is concise and provides you with actionable intelligence, separating events that require attention and events that may cause issues with business continuity and security. Useful for clients who want a summary of the weeks events in one, easy to ready report.


Travel Itinerary Monitoring

GIG can provide a dedicated senior analyst focused on monitoring a corporate event or travel itinerary of at-risk executives. This provides exclusive and near real-time reporting on threats to your business continuity. Our itinerary based tactical monitoring supports high-value travelers by providing intelligence concerning the safety, security, and other potential hindrances to business operations and continuity.


Security and travel managers who request this service are issued with a custom intelligence package, specifically designed to monitor their travel itineraries, while providing early warning and incident reporting in accordance with the travelers locations.


Our Strategic Global Intelligence package offering will be provided along with dynamic mapping over satellite imagery, outlinging all travel stops, friction points and past incidents.


Regional Intelligence Summaries

Each month, Regional Intelligence Package subscribers receive a comprehensive update on political and security related trends for selected countries in their region of interest. Each country outlined provides a summary of events, followed by concise assessments and a bottom-line recommendation. Regional Summaries are designed to give security managers and executives a broad overview of the stability and security situation in their region of operations.


Our Strategic Global Intelligence Packages

Strategic Global Intelligence

12 Month Subscription

From USD$400 per month

12 Month Subscription Includes

  • Strategic and Tactical Alerts, Intelligence Analysis and Daily Briefings
  • Security Related Forecasts affecting business continuity
  • Quarterly Topical Assessments (Either Security, Terror, Political, or Financial)
  • Weekly Worldwide Security Alerts and Summaries

Regional Intelligence

Regional or Global

From USD$1,250 per Month

Regional Intelligence Packages Include

  • Choice between 1, 2, or 3 regions, or Global Intelligence Packages
  • Regional Security Summaries (Monthly) - includes GIG Strategic and Tactical Alerts
  • Updates on political and security related trends for selected regions
  • Designed for security managers and executive directors to provide a broad overview of the stability and security within a region(s)


Please feel free contact with us if you have any further questions or concerns